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Ell 22nd Nov 2019, 9:30 AM

These inappropriately named FAQS (nobody asked, but you're hearing the answers anyway!) come to you from a very sick Ell, who hasn't had the time/strength to put anything other than text together for an update this week. Hopefully you'll find it interesting anyway! Come back next week for the first page of Chapter one, where we'll rejoin our dear, sad, angular faced boy.

While I've got you here, you may or may not know about the very sudden changes SmackJeeves, who I use to host this site, have made to their service. On the 30th of November they're getting rid of all custom domains in aid of creating a sort of webtoons/tapas clone, where all comics hosted by them will be displayed on a plain white site, among other significant changes. Obviously this does not suit my plans for Galdr (and I already upload to Tapas anyway) so I will be looking to host elsewhere. Just over a week wasn't a huge amount of notice, but luckily I've got something lined up thanks to the support of the webcomics community! So if it all works out, you won't see any change at all - and galdrcomic.com will still be functional!

Just thought I'd give you all a heads up - if you found Galdr through SmackJeeves, thank you for reading! I hope you'll consider continuing :)

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